The Money of Business

“The Money of Business”
Interested in Turning Your Hobby into a Business?

Want to know how to manage your money better when it comes to starting a business?

You will learn some hard skills in financial literacy, and be offered a learning and networking environment to:
1) find the right business idea for you.  2) learn about market research / banking
3) learn the basics of how to start a business & manage debt.
4) learn about the local economy and Calgary Dollars (C$).*
5) network with your peers and learn skills from them valuable to your business.
6) connect to your community.

This is a free financial literacy and entrepreneurship workshop, to introduce you to how to manage money and start a business.

This is FREE.  For BEGINNERS.  *C$ is our local money.


Childcare and snacks available.  Facilitated by Conor Deeney (NEFC) and Mike Unrau (C$).
Weekly every Thursday, November Nov 9 – Dec 14, 2017.
2 Workshops series! (same day for your choice of time):  2 – 4pm,  or,  5.30 – 7.30pm.

Russet Court. Near Rundle train station.  #704 – 2631, 38th St NE, Calgary.
For more information and to register for the workshops, contact Conor Deeney.
403-293-0424, Ext. 111  /

For more information about C$ contact Mike Unrau. 403-270-3200  /

Supported by FCSS and Calgary and Area Child and Family Services.


Background: This program fills a unique niche in Calgary as it is free and specific for Calgarians who may not have similar opportunities elsewhere, and want to learn financial literacy and turn their business idea or hobby into a business here in Calgary. In participating, Calgarians, including new-comers and seniors, learn the basics about financial literacy and starting their own business, through a network building and resource gathering platform. Community members are encouraged to exchange ideas, skills, talents, and resources amongst other members, building social ties and a sense of community, and how to exchange these resources via bartering or the complementary currency network. This network has shown to be a incubator for new small businesses.

This series directs people to Momentum based programs for a more in-depth program.



Welcome Cochrane Dollars!


Cochrane joined the community of thousands of complementary currencies around the world, when they launched Cochrane Dollars on May 19, 2017. The dollars are in bills of $1, $2, $5, $10, $20; they also made a special $150 bill in commemoration of Canada’s 150th birthday, available in highly limited quantities. They are printed on synthetic polymer and include several security features. The art on the bills tells a story of Cochrane’s history and values, from the First Nations People, before it was called Cochrane,  to the first settlers in the region, to how the history touches our current lives and still standing local businesses.

Watch: Cochrane Dollars Unveiling

Cochrane hopes this will bolster their local economy by keeping money local, as well as drawing in customers from the surrounding region such as Calgary. This would support local businesses, which have several reasons to get involved, including the free advertising the novelty effect provides, and the generation of repeat business by providing cash back or change in the currency. By supporting the local businesses, the initiative supports local employment as well.

This came into being as a collaboration between the Town of Cochrane Economic Development, ATB Financial (Cochrane branch) and the Cochrane Monetary Foundation.

How to get involved

The dollars can be acquired at ATB Financial in Cochrane, where every dollar in circulation is backed by one in the bank, as well as in general circulation for the stores accepting and giving change in Cochrane Dollars.

Over 30 local stores are already accepting the currency including MacKay’s Cochrane Ice Cream, Tim’s Gourmet Pizza, Stitching Corner and many more seen in the business directory. Local business can sign up on this site as well.

You can find more information at the Cochrane Dollar Website and official videos about Cochrane Dollars on the Town of Cochrane Youtube Channel.

To find out more about Complementary Currencies visit the Complementary Currency Resource Center.

Have an amazing day!


Calgary Dollars Team

Where to Spend Your Calgary Dollars

There are many places you can spend your Calgary Dollars! 

Businesses Licenses:

The City of Calgary now allows for you to pay in 50% Calgary Dollars for business licenses. If you don’t have enough C$, you can get C$ Gift Certificates in place of them. Contact us to find out more info.

Arusha Centre: 

We sell transit tickets, Mountain Equipment Coop (MEC) gift cards. We also accept Calgary Dollars and cash for our Arusha memberships (C$25 or $25) which gives you access to our PA system, tents, printing/scanning, and button-makers.

Give us a call if you want to check supplies, or just come on down to #106, 223 12th Avenue SW, Calgary. Ph: 403.270.3200.

C$ Listings Site:

You can go online to arrange selling and buying goods and services with other Calgary Dollars members. Just visit our listings site to get started.

Struggling with the listings?

  1. Tips for a successful listing
  2. How to post a listing
  3. Upkeep
  4. Finding goods and services


  1. Tips for a Successful Listing:
  • Make sure to include details such as estimated costs, and the amount of C$ accepted.
  • Including a picture helps liven things up and draw attention!
  • Make sure all contact information is up to date, and the best way to reach you. To do so, login.
  • You can post multiple listings.
  1. How to Post a listing
  • Go online to our listing site.
  • Login to your account. Can’t remember your account email address, we can help you update your information. Just let us know.
  • Select “publish an add for free” in the top right.
  • Fill out the information with a brief description of what you are offering.
  • Keep in mind the tips above!
  • Post and you’re done! 
  1. Upkeep

Don’t forget to delete old listings, or to repost to keep it fresh. Double check contact information, so those trying to get in touch are not sending to an abandoned email address.

  1. Finding services

Not seeing what you’re looking for? Let us know what services you need so we can try and help you find them. Or let the community know by posting a listing in our “Wanted” category.

If you need any assistance, contact us online or give us a call at 403-270-8002.

That’s all for now, hope you have an amazing day!