The Arusha Centre inspires and supports communities to connect, gather, and create a socially, economically, and environmentally just future.


The Arusha Centre is a collectively run, member-supported organisation that provides resources and initiatives on social justice and environmental issues. We help Calgarians through community economic development and community resilience programs and offers varied practical resources, animating activities which educate, inspire and connect with and between people and projects.


We value localization; communities, place-based networks of individuals, business and groups, relationships, engagement and collaboration.

We value sustainability; human and environmental interrelationships, for a prosperous future of our communities, future generations, and the Earth.

We value social justice and are committed to building an equitable society where all life is respected.

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The first 40 Years: A History of the Arusha Centre 1972-20012



Arusha takes its name from the Arusha Declaration, a set of principles drafted by the governing party of Tanzania in 1967 as a guide toward economic and social development:

Inherent in the Arusha Declaration is a rejection of the concept of national grandeur as distinct from the well-being of its citizens, and a rejection, too, of material wealth for its own sake. It is a commitment to the belief that there are more important things in life than the amassing of riches, and that if the pursuit of wealth clashes with things like human dignity and social equality, then the latter will be given priority. – Julius Nyerere, President, Tanzania from The Arusha Declaration , 1967


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