The Money of Business

“The Money of Business”
Interested in Turning Your Hobby into a Business?

Want to know how to manage your money better when it comes to starting a business?

You will learn some hard skills in financial literacy, and be offered a learning and networking environment to:
1) find the right business idea for you.  2) learn about market research / banking
3) learn the basics of how to start a business & manage debt.
4) learn about the local economy and Calgary Dollars (C$).*
5) network with your peers and learn skills from them valuable to your business.
6) connect to your community.

This is a free financial literacy and entrepreneurship workshop, to introduce you to how to manage money and start a business.

This is FREE.  For BEGINNERS.  *C$ is our local money.


Childcare and snacks available.  Facilitated by Conor Deeney (NEFC) and Mike Unrau (C$).
Weekly every Thursday, November Nov 9 – Dec 14, 2017.
2 Workshops series! (same day for your choice of time):  2 – 4pm,  or,  5.30 – 7.30pm.

Russet Court. Near Rundle train station.  #704 – 2631, 38th St NE, Calgary.
For more information and to register for the workshops, contact Conor Deeney.
403-293-0424, Ext. 111  /

For more information about C$ contact Mike Unrau. 403-270-3200  /

Supported by FCSS and Calgary and Area Child and Family Services.


Background: This program fills a unique niche in Calgary as it is free and specific for Calgarians who may not have similar opportunities elsewhere, and want to learn financial literacy and turn their business idea or hobby into a business here in Calgary. In participating, Calgarians, including new-comers and seniors, learn the basics about financial literacy and starting their own business, through a network building and resource gathering platform. Community members are encouraged to exchange ideas, skills, talents, and resources amongst other members, building social ties and a sense of community, and how to exchange these resources via bartering or the complementary currency network. This network has shown to be a incubator for new small businesses.

This series directs people to Momentum based programs for a more in-depth program.



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