Youth, Antipoverty, and First Nations Take Action Grant Video Applications!

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Take Action Grants is a monthly grassroots grant providing up to $1000 matched with C$1000 (Calgary Dollars).

Along with a written application, applicants produce a short video to describe their work. You can watch and comment on the follow three video applications below!


  1. Street Ceremony
  2. Knights and Tycoons
  3. Rise Up 2 Change 

Contributions come from these generous organizations; The Calgary Foundation, Sunnyside Market, Mountain Equipment Coop, the Calgary Folk Fest, and the City of Calgary.

Street Ceremony

Knights TAG RiseUp2Change

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2 Comments on "Youth, Antipoverty, and First Nations Take Action Grant Video Applications!"

  • Gregory M. Lang says

    Full disclosure: I am a consultant, with direct past experience, to Joseph Portincasa for his Rise Up 2 Change application. I would like Arusha and its members to support this project for the reasons I give below, in addition to his description of the concept:

    It is my experience that even anti-poverty initiatives such as workshops are intermittent at best; autonomous groups tackling this issue struggle, and come and go. It is therefore very difficult for those in poverty to access support consistently or when in need.

    Further, any help for those in poverty, has been diminished considerably by the termination of the Project Homeless Connect events a few years ago. However, the problems facing low-income people such as the hidden homeless, have not diminished.

  • Barb Lafrentz says

    Barb Lafrentz 1 second ago
    Barb Lafrentz loves this event as these resources will be under one roof and people presenting as well as participants will discuss solutions together equally rather than a top down approach from government institutional services.