2015 Take Action Grants Projects

Let’s have a look at the 2015 projects that were supported by Take Action Grants. TAG is a grassroots grantor, not requiring that applicants are legally established or have a fiscal agent. The application is short. This allows support to go to worthwhile causes with the least administrative and liability obstacles.

Take Action Grants is financed by the Calgary Dollars currency contributions of the City of Calgary, Mountain Equipment Coop, Sunnyside Market, and the Calgary Folk Music Festival. The federal currency is contributed by the Calgary Foundation. Our advisory committee are dedicated volunteers who review each application and reflect the interests of social and environmental work, the Calgary Dollars participants, and the funders. Here’s the 2015 list of 11 grants totalling $22,000 this year alone. Between 1998 to the end of December 2015 TAG has funded 110 projects with $81,556 and C$91,922, a total investment of $173,478.

Recipients said:

“The topic of the co-operative model as an economically just and democratic alternative to the capitalist enterprise is being discussed in Calgary MUCH more widely since The Grain Exchange launched it’s public outreach campaign, as a result of receiving the Take Action Grant.” Peter-The Grain Exchange.

Calgary Dollars keep business investment local which invigorates local economies and protects them from competition from those who don’t invest locally. ” Audrey – New Urban Food Partnership. 


TAG sponsors


momo tag






Project: MOMO Dance: Fully Functional Dance Project

A dynamic public performance created by members of the disability community exploring sexuality and sexual health facilitated by MoMo Dance Theatre and Inside Out Theatre.

Grant amount: C$1000 + $1000


PCG Cabin FeverTAG photo

Project: Cabin Fever 2015

Cabin Fever 2015 is a day-long mid-winter festival to promote permaculture and sustainable living through celebration and workshops at the Sunalta Community Association. Workshop topics included: The Fundamentals of Hand Tools, Designing an Off-grid Homestead, Community Building through Placemaking, Introduction to the Food Forest, The Community Quest: Two Permies Search for a Sustainable Future, Gardening for Bees, The Groundswell Network, and Wintersowing.

Grant amount: C$1000 + $1000

alternate root tag

Project: Alternate Root – Food Waste Reduction Initiative

A weekly workshop series for six-weeks during this summer’s harvest season. The workshops will incorporate a variety of food skills. Local food vendors at farmer’s markets donate their excess produce which may otherwise be going to waste.

Grant amount: C$1000 + $1000


Grain Exchange Worker CoopProject: The Grain Exchange Worker Cooperative Bakery

Create a worker coop baker that promotes the re-localization of the economy through the use of worker-owned co-operatives. We encourage the public to be involved in co-operatives, including helping proliferate more co-operatives in Calgary and in supporting our bakery.

Grant amount: C$1000 + $1000

new urban farm projectProject: New Urban Farm Partnership

Creating a film that illustrates the potential of urban farm partnerships on underutilized public, private and institutional land, thus catalyzing the revitalization of Calgary’s food system. Recipient: HIllhurst Sunnyside Community Association

Grant amount: C$1000 + $1000





imanProject: YYC Colours

YYC Colours is a documentary that brings awareness about racism within Calgary. Its aim is to get people talking about racism within our society, opening it up as dialogue around the city.

Grant amount: C$1000 + $1000




windsor parkWindsor Park Food Forest

A food forest is literally just that, an area that mimics a forest but is composed entirely of plants, shrubs and trees that will produce food in a closed loop ecosystem. The garden will start with two wicking beds for the kids to plant and maintain. Wicking beds are self-watering, requiring little attention making it the perfect foundation for school gardens trying to grow when everyone has left for summer.

Grant amount: C$1000 + $1000


brca rooftopProject: Bridgeland-Riverside Community Association Rooftop Garden: Community Engagement & Growth

The BRCA Rooftop Garden would like to further engage our community and its awareness to the value of gardening by hosting free events in the garden space. Community events will include musical performances, workshops, and coffee mornings. We will host 3 events throughout the season (July through September) and invite the community by printing posters and through social media. We hope to accomplish within the community: a greater understanding and appreciation for gardening, importance of local food production, importance of pollinator-friendly flowers and herbs and the notion that common interests bring neighbors together!

Garden Growth: We would like to “grow” our garden through the addition of a small shed. A small shed would provide us with the ability to share tools, have a seed sharing library and white-board for gardener communication/messages. We will be building benches for seating. We would also like to add to our communal herb garden by purchasing new herbs this year.

Grant amount: C$1000 + $1000


LeftoversProject: Leftovers Calgary

Leftovers bridges the communication gap between businesses that have spare food and social service agencies that need food to feed the hungry.

Grant amount: C$1000 + $1000





Dyke-Trans-MarchProject: Calgary Dyke and Trans March

The CDTM is an inclusive demonstration, held annually the day before Pride, showing resistance from the Dyke and Trans communities against discrimination, prejudice, and social exclusive practices at large.

Grant amount: C$1000 + $1000


femmewave tag

FemmeWave Festival

The first annual Feminist festival of the art, music, and performance. Taking place in multiple venues city wide in November.


Grant amount: C$1000 + $1000

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