Workshops at the Thurs. Sept. 24 Relocalize Fair

The word relocalize means to invest our time and money with local culture, local business, and local people. It’s a combined strategy that is proven to make life more satisfying while increasing society and the environment.









The Relocalize Fair hosts workshops to showcase Calgary’s expertise and all proceeds from admissions go to the presenters. The themes, the speakers, and the audience bring synergy to the Fair and help define what the relocalization movement means for Calgary.









Get Growing with Hydroponics: Hydroponics is an inexpensive system that enables you to grow vitamin rich leafy greens, tomatoes and almost any other plant you desire year around. The materials can be customized to your needs. I am not selling, I’ll share my experience and show you how to do it!

Registration: $5 at the door


Landlords and Tennants: Turning Unknowns into Knowns. Ratr is a tenancy service for renters and landlords. It allows you to identify good and bad tenants and landlords. We’ll discuss background checks, credit checks and exchange stories and resources.

Registration: $5 at the door


Depave Calgary: Remove unnecessary pavement from urban areas to create beautiful community green space and mitigate storm water runoff. The primal act of working with our neighbours to pry up asphalt and concrete with our own hands and replacing it with gardens dramatizes the direct connection between personal empowerment and the health of our communities. Green Calgary will be providing an information workshop to get your hands dirty and organize a Depave project in your community! Register for the Depave workshop here.


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