Call for Vendors and Workshop Hosts at next ReLocalize FAIR

Arusha Centre and Calgary Dollars is hosting our next
Thursday Sept 24th, 2015, 3.30-7pm

The Bridgeland Riverside Farmer’s Market will also be there!


Come celebrate the world-wide movement to localize food, energy, transportation, businesses, communities, the economy and culture in Calgary.  This Market is part of the ReLocalize FAIR, and is collaborated with the Bridgeland Riverside Farmer’s Market. Participatory activities for young and old, with live music! Learn first hand how Bridgeland’s walkability design makes it a community for the future.  Use your Calgary Dollars Here!

There will be a Market atmosphere with Workshop sessions open to the public to engage in a hands-on skill-sharing atmosphere about how to be local, resilient and sustainable in our communities and businesses.

If you’d like to apply to be a VENDOR, please see this info:  Call for vendors.  C$ Vendor Application Form.  Food vendor extra form.

If you’d like to apply to be a WORKSHOP Leader, please see this info:   Call for Workshops

Application Deadline:  See the above documents, as dates vary (1st week of Sept.).
Submit to:

Themes:  Being Local, In Transition, Permaculture, Place-Making, Sustainability, Local Political Action, Resilient Neighbourhoods, Local Economy, Leadership, Civic Engagement, Arts, Health and Transportation, and more.

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