Arusha Centre Relocalization Fair: Video

The Arusha Centre profiled its programs Calgary Dollars, Open Streets Calgary, and Take Action Grants at Calgary’s first Relocalization Fair Saturday, June 21, 2014.

The event featured dozens of vendors accepting Calgary Dollars, pedal powered bike activities from Open Streets Calgary and presentations from Councillor Carra, MLA Swann, and live music from Paul Lau, Paul Millar, Well Manoured Thieves, Kris Demeanor and Cow Puncher and more!

Thanks to the Women’s Centre, Bridgeland Riverside Community Association, Silvera Place, Brookfield, the Tool Lending Library, Calgary Grassroots Granting Network!

Watch the Video of Kris Demeanour, Well Mannered Theives, MLA Swann, Councillor Carra, and more.














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