Corporations in our Heads

Corporations in our Heads

 a project about the corporate voices that live within our collective psyche

Facilitated / Joked by David Diamond
Corporations in our Heads is a new and exciting undertaking that investigates how the messages from corporations have colonized our individual and collective psyche and affect our relationships with each other, with ourselves, and with the planet in profound ways. But this project hopes to be more than just an investigation – we have a desire for Corporations in our Heads to move into transformative action! How? By making each event come alive through direct audience engagement.

This is a theatrical process.  There is no play, no actors and no script.  The whole evening comes from the audience each night. Each night is focused on identifying the corporate messages in the consciousness of the community at each event and seeking ways to overcome and/or change our relationship to those messages in ways that are healthier for us as individuals and also for the planet.

Corporations in our Heads has evolved from Augusto Boal’s (founder of the Theatre of the Oppressed) technique “Cops in the Head”. This, in Augusto Boal’s words is one of many ways that “the theatre can make the invisible visible”.

Saturday, November 9th
Cliff Bungalow Arts Centre:  2105 Cliff Street SW 
6.30pm door, 7pm show
Sunday, November 10th 
Scandinavian Cultural Centre 739 20 Ave NW 

6.30pm door, 7pm show

Tickets:   $14 Regular and  $8 Student / Low Income
To purchase tickets now:

(Tickets also available at Sunnyside Natural Food Market, and the Arusha Centre.
100% C$ accepted for the first 15 people)

Who is the Facilitator / Joker:  David Diamond co-founded Headlines Theatre (now Theatre for Living) in 1981 and has directed over 500 community-specific projects on issues such as racism, civic engagement, violence, addiction, street youth, intergenerational conflict and homelessness. He has worked throughout Canada, the USA and Europe, as well as in Namibia, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Rwanda, Palestine and Singapore, and has pioneered the development of live, interactive Forum television and web casting. He is the originator of Theatre for Living, a merging of Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed, and his own life-long interest in systems theory. Theatre for Living recognizes communities are complexly integrated living organisms and invites them to engage in constructive social change, moving from various forms of violence to respectful engagement. For more about David Diamond please visit:

More Information:
CCGC at 403-457-5534 /
or Arusha at 403-270-3200 /

Supported by:  

Calgary Centre for Global Community, Collective Insight Forum Theatre, and the Arusha Centre
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