How Come James Just Can’t Get Enough of the Calgary Dollars’ Markets?

James Istvanffy

1.    How long have you been a Calgary Dollars member?

It’s been four or five years.

2.    Wow, that’s quite some time, what keeps you coming back to Calgary Dollars markets?

I love the idea of garage sales, flea markets, and second hand things, and to me Calgary dollars provides those things, and does it within a community—I like the idea, it supports other local small vendors.

3.    What got you involved with Calgary dollars?

Well, when I heard about Calgary dollars I was underemployed, I had three part-time jobs teaching history courses at the University of Calgary and Mount Royal, at one time I had five part-time jobs trying to keep my family afloat, and it seemed like a lot of our cash was going towards bills, without a lot of extra money to spend. Whereas, when I heard about Calgary dollars and how you receive twenty dollars to begin with, I decided to join because it’s much easier to spend Calgary Dollars on wants, then it is to spend the federal dollar. Further, it is through Calgary dollars that I have decided to apply for a Take Action Grant (a C$ granting initiative run by the Arusha Centre), so it has for sure gotten me involved with other programs.

4.    Has being a member of Calgary Dollars impacted you? And if so, how?

Yes, Calgary dollars has impacted me in a positive way, every chance I get I come to a Market. When a family makes a lower income, it becomes very difficult to spend the federal dollar; we have to be very careful with it. Whereas, with Calgary dollars we can be carefree, and they’re a lot more fun to spend because there are things like markets to come to.

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