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This month, Papergirl Calgary wants to take art out of the gallery and into the streets via old-school bicycle delivery format. Papergirl challenges traditional paradigms of contemporary art by redefining how art is presented and received.  It challenges artists to gift their work to the world, removing it from the economic market. It also challenges people to accept and embrace art by accepting it as a gift. Cyclists who distribute the works are challenged to greet and meet new people on the street and gift them with art. More details are given in the video.
They are requesting $1000 in Calgary Dollars and $1000 in Federal Dollars. Funds will go towards workshop supplies, honorariums, food for the ride-out and workshops, bike sponsorship, and more. 

You can participate in the selection process by watching this video by the applicant (**please note that due to extenuating circumstances, this video is being re-used from a prior funding pitch done by the applicant, with additional information provided below) then voting here (you are welcome to add comments about the project too). Voting will close at midnight on Wednesday, April 10th.  
Name of project: Papergirl Calgary

Timeline: Call for works runs from April – August, Exhibition is August 14 – 17, Workshops are also 14 – 17, the Giftervention is on the 18th. Everything wraps up for the 18th of August. 

How the project focuses on social justice or environmental justice: 

This project enables students and amateur artists a platform through which they can share their artwork, and also gives artists exposure in the community through the exhibition at the Epcor Centre, followed by the mass- bike-art Giftervention.


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