End This Depression Now! Paul Krugman’s – Sustainability Book Club

“End This Depression Now” Paul Krugman Wednesday February 20, 6pm at Pages Books Kensington
How did we get stuck in what now can only be called a depression? And above all, how do we free ourselves? Krugman pursues these questions with his characteristic lucidity and insight—a quick, strong recovery is just one step away, if our leaders can find the “intellectual clarity and political will” to end this depression now.

Calgary Sustainability Book Club
Third Wednesday of the month, 6:00pm at Pages Books, 1135 Kensington Rd NW
Sponsored by: Pages Bookstore, Sustainable Calgary, The Arusha Centre, Sierra Club–Chinook Group, EcoLiving Events, Green Calgary, Thrive, Public Interest Alberta and REAP (Respect for Earth and All Peoples). For information contact: gerald@arusha.orgor  jverwijis@yahoo.com

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