Clay Shirky on Organizing Without Organizations: Sustainability Book Club

Wednesday, January 16: “Here Comes Everybody: The Power or Organizing Without Organizations” by Clay Shirky

A revelatory examination of how the wildfirelike spread of new forms of social interaction enabled by technology is changing the way humans form groups and exist within them, with profound long-term economic and social effects-for good and for ill.

Check him out in advance!
TEDX: Cooperative Infrastruction and Collaboration  – Clay Shirky

Third Wednesday of the month, 6:00pm.
Pages Books, 1135 Kensington Rd NW. Pre-event dinner 4:30pm at Kensington Pub.

Sponsored by: Pages Bookstore, Sustainable Calgary, The Arusha Centre, Sierra Club–Chinook Chapter, EcoLiving Events, Green Calgary, Thrive, Public Interest Alberta, Respect for Earth and All Peoples (REAP) and the Sierra Club-Chinook Group.
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