Surviving Progress DVD added to the Arusha Library

Thanks to the Parkland Institute, the Arusha Centre is proud to add Surviving Progress, the film based on the work of Ronald Wright, the 2012 keynote speaker at the Parkland Institute Conference, “Petro, Power, and Politics” Nov 23 – 25 in Edmonton

Ronald Wright’s bestseller A Short History Of Progress inspired this cinematic requiem to progress-as-usual. Some of the world’s foremost thinkers, bankers and scientists challenge us to overcome progress traps that destroyed past civilizations and lie treacherously embedded in our own.

Featuring Ronald Wright, Robert Wright, Kambale Musavuli, Vaclav Smil, Colin Beavan, Jane Goodall, J. Craig Venter, Daniel Povinelli, Victor Gau, Margaret Atwood, Simon Johnson, David Sukuki, Jim Thomas, and the voice of Stephen Hawking

Watch the Surviving Progress trailer

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