Holiday Market! Dec 10

SAGE:  Social Artivist Gift Exchange
Holiday Market 
Dec 10th, 6-8pm at Bow Cliff
SAGE is hosting a Holiday Market!  Accepting Calgary Dollars.
Although Calgary Dollars is not able to host a Dec 10th Market this year, instead SAGE will be hosting a Holiday Market, and will be accepting Calgary Dollars.  There are tables still available for this event on Dec. 10th at Bow Cliff Seniors in Spruce Cliff Community Centre – 608 Poplar RD SW. 
In previous years this market has been put on by Calgary Dollars. This year they are doing a market on Nov. 12th and SAGE thought it would be good to follow up closer to the holiday’s by having one on Dec 10th. Acceptance of the Calgary Dollars is optional, but could boost your sales. Small table rentals are 4ftX4ft or 2ftX6ft wide and priced at $16 dollars and large tables are 4ftX8ft wide at $30. We will be accepting 50% C$ as payment for tables and the entry fee of $2 will be payable in 100% Calgary Dollars. The entry fee includes a raffle, free baked goods, hot chocolate and coffee. 
There will be a mix of retro thrift items and craft/artisan items at this sale. Anymore questions please do not hesitate to contact me. 
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Look forward to hearing from you! Volunteers accepted!  As we could use your help to make this great event.
Bow Cliff Seniors in Spruce Cliff Community Centre – 608 Poplar RD SW. 

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