Seasonal Market Potluck! Nov 12

Calgary Dollars 
November 12th, 6-8pm

POTLUCK! Come to a community market and get ready for the Season of remembrance and festivities by joining in a celebratory potluck. We’re having it to honour Remembrance Day (Nov 11), and to ready ourselves for Christmas and beyond*.  Sell goods and services, buy market items with your Calgary Dollars, earn extra income, and meet new people.  Be a part of a healthy economy by supporting local small businesses at the Market.  Come and find out more of what our community has to offer! 

* Please note, there will be a Holiday Market on Dec 10th hosted by SAGE.  Click here for details!

Bring your favourite meal to join in the festivities. Here are some tips to a successful potluck to help you out:

– Bring enough for about 6 servings
– Bring your own plate and cutlery to eat with
– Bring your own container for food
– Bring your own serving spoon
– Bring food cards with ingredients (for allergies and intolerances)
– Make sure food preparation environment is clean and healthy

If you’re not able to bring food, don’t worry, there will be options!  Chip in some C$ to support those who did, and if you can’t, come anyway!  We’ll be bringing some food too.

November 12th, 6-8pm at Bow Cliff Seniors Bow Cliff Seniors in the
 Spruce Cliff Community Centre,  608 Poplar Road SW, Calgary. 
For information or to book a vendor table – call 403-270-8002 
or email us at

All ages welcome.  Free admission. Wheel chair accessible. 100% Calgary Dollars accepted.

Not a Calgary Dollars member yet? Register on-line and receive C$20 just for joining!

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