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From October 26-29, PowerShift 2012 will bring 1500 young people (age 18-30) from diverse backgrounds together in Ottawa to build a movement for climate and environmental justice.

Through workshops, panel discussions, caucuses, regional strategizing, actions and other activities, participants will develop their understanding about the intersections between environmental and social justice issues, build a range of skills for taking action, and gain the connections and confidence to mobilize in their communities.

Whether you`re a communicator, action planner, campaigner, researcher, educator or completely new to all this, PowerShift 2012 has a skill-development track that will suit your organizing interests.

Climate justice is social justice. PowerShift recognizes that the root causes of the climate crisis are the same causes of social injustices like poverty, racism and Indigenous land struggles. By uniting new and experienced activists from different backgrounds, we can overcome the mounting corporate power controlling our political, social, and economic spheres which relentlessly drives to put short-term economic profits over the interests of our communities and the environment. We can find joint solutions to the climate and economic crisis: by reining in corporate power and its undue influence over our political process, by reviving and strengthening our public sphere, by localizing our economies and our food system. Such long term solutions and alternatives will safeguard our communities and our environment.

PowerShift 2012 aims to build an environmental and climate justice movement that can transform our society, so that our future can be enjoyed by everyone, not just those who can afford it. As the climate crisis mounts and the government remains complicit, the time for action is now! PowerShift is about putting decision-making power into the hands of people on the frontlines of climate change.
Join the movement.
PowerShift 2012 would like to invite you to become a participant!
How you can play an active role with PowerShift 2012:
·  Register to become a participant
o    Participate in skills- and issues-based workshops, panel discussion, concerts, caucuses and more! Build the skills necessary to organ the climate movement in Canada
·  Become a local/regional coordinator in your area
o    Learn more and sign up here
o    Promote PowerShift at events in your area, organize logistics for participants and volunteers, recruit other participants from your region You will receive support from other PowerShift 2012 organizers for your local team.
·  Volunteer or Donate
o    Contribute to our Front-line Youth Scholarship Fund
o    Volunteer for one of our many working groups (Logistics, Accountability and Anti-Oppression, Media and Communications, Budget & Fundraising, Francophone Caucus and more)

Join the movement. Visit

To connect with the Calgary volunteer outreach coordinator contact Alana-Dawn Eirikson at or 587.433.0744

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