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How do we value rural land, communities and people? Does a lack of industrial development mean that there is less value or because deer and trees don’t earn dividends for shareholders is their existence worth risking. These are the questions asked during a trek along the proposed northern gateway pipeline route in the summer of 2010 by filmmaker Frank Wolf and Todd McGowan who hike, bike, raft, hitch hike and kayak through the northern communities and wilderness. The film provides and ground level view of the land, people and communities that would be affected by the development and the possible risks. Fishing guides, First Nations, farmers and the wilderness all stand to lose if the pipeline where to rupture or leak.  Is development at all costs worth the health of 773 water crossings that the pipeline traverses? A main theme of the film is the rapid progress of the development in northern Alberta and if this project has been properly planned, or is it being rammed through in the name of profits.  Watch the trailer. 
Also new to the Library is Carbon Nation (trailer) and Capitalism in not in crisis: Capitalism is the crisis. Radical Politics in the age of austerity (trailer)
 All three of these new films are at the Arusha Library and are available to sign-out.
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