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Position: Waterlution Southern Alberta Hub Assistant (1 part-time position available)
Organization: Waterlution  A Water Learning Experience (
Location: Calgary, AB (various locations)
Application deadline: June 11, 2012
Contract dates:  17 weeks; July 3rd – Oct 26th, 2012  (with the attendance of a retreat June 28th full day/eve).  With possibility for extension.
What is a Waterlution Hub?
The Waterlution Hub Network is a cross-Canada support and programming platform for multi-stakeholder engagement in regional water issues. Each Hub offers regular programming and network development opportunities for youth and diverse stakeholders working on (or simply interested in) building a sustainable future for water.
The goal is to improve the capacity of a region to address its water management challenges via
1) engaging young leaders and interested individuals/organizations, 2) connecting diverse individuals and groups to builawareness and encourage cross-sector collaboration, and 3) promoting more holistic, sustainablpractices and polices around water.
The 2011-2012 Hub Network consists of four pilot Hubs. Each of these virtual community centres is based out of a major Canadian city and services the surrounding region  tackling issuespecific to local watersheds and engaging individuals from those communities.
The 2011-2012 Hubs:
•     Southern Alberta (Calgary)
•     Lower BC Mainland (Vancouver)
•     Lake Winnipeg Watershed (Winnipeg)
•     Southern Ontario (Toronto)
Hubs offer interactive learning and capacity-building opportunities such as facilitated dialogue sessionsfilm screenings, community and awareness building mentoringleadership development, visioning, skill-building and arts-based activities.
What is the role of the Hub Assistant?
Working with the support and guidance of the Hub Manager(s), the Assistant is responsible for assisting and nurturing the active regional network of individuals and groups focused on water stewardshipHe/she is responsible for logistical support and coordinating of regular Hub sessions. An assistant helps organize the monthly 2-5 hours Hub sessions; each focusing on a specific theme, community, or body of water within the Hub’s jurisdiction. He/she researches possible venues, connects and promotes the gatherings with relevant local groups and networks on an ongoing basiand recruits participants, and at times will be responsible for engaging resource guests and creative facilitators. The Hub provides support, space and process for current and futurleaders to get meaningfully involved in exploring and designing better water management.
Specific Responsibilities:
•     Assist the Hub Manager(s) organize meaningful, inclusive learning sessions and capacity-building sessions and activities within the Hub jurisdiction
o     Research and secure event space, that meet the Hub needs and are within budget
o     Network within personal and professional networks via social media to engage and attract audiences.  
o     Outreachand participant recruitment
o     Give input in coordinating sessions
o     Make phone calls, research, and liaise with organizations and leaders in the community / businesses to secure venues and resource guests
•     Develop and leverage local relevant connections and partnerships
•     Report regularly to the Hub Manager(s), and at times with Waterlution’s Director.  Be an active member of the growing Waterlution Calgary community.
Position Requirements:
•     A passion for water
•     Well organized
•     Networking and network development skills (there may be some setting up of coffee meetings, connecting with new individuals and organizations)
•     Proven group dynamics, team player and leadership skills
•     Developed social media network
•     Proven commitment to community building, positive attitude, interest in cross-sector dialogue
•     Strong interpersonal skills
•     Strong organizational skills
•     Computer savvy on Facebook, Twitter, Eventbrite, GoogleDocs, MSOffice, etc.
•     Self-motivated; ability to stay on-task; effective autonomous worker
•     Able to take direction well
•     Access to your own computer
Position Assets:
•     Facilitation experience or training
•     Education in water-related studies
•     Event planning experience
Time Commitment:
Part-time; roughly 17 hrs/week, hours per week may vary depending on needs per week. Some evening and weekend work required.
Waterlution works virtually, so we have no physical office. Must be able to travel to Capital Hill area (near LRT) on work days (typically Tues/Thurs).  Some work from home.  Vehicle not necessary, but access to one is an asset.
How to Apply:
Applications will be accepted until 5pm MST, Monday, June 11, 2012Please include the following two items in your application:
1. Cover letter (2 pages max), and
2. Resume (2 pages max)
Please address the below points in your application:
•     Why would you be a great Hub Assistant?
•     What makes you an effective coordinator and organizer?
•     Are you able to stay focused, take direction well, and work well in a partnership?  Why/how?  What experience do you have in this?
•     Explain your experience in social networking
•     Explain your experience in leading/working with groups
•     Explain what value you see in the Waterlution Hub model
•     What makes you an effective water ambassador for your community? 

•    What sort of networks and experience do you have that could relate to building a strong, 
sustainable community of water stewardship action? 
NOTE: Only short-listed applicants will be contacted. You may be asked to provide professional 
Submit your application to Waterlution Hub Manager, Mike Unrau, at If you 
have questions regarding this position or the application process, please direct them to Mike 
Thank you for your interest! We look forward to reading your application. 
About Waterlution
Waterlution provides opportunities for leadership development and multi-stakeholder dialogue; 
engaging individuals, organizations and communities in collaborative exploration of management 
solutions that respect water and the broader ecosystem for generations to come. Waterlution’s 
vision is for the next generation of decision makers (across all stakeholder groups) to be strong, 
informed leaders with a passion for and commitment to healthy watersheds. Visit  for more information. 
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