Vote on TAG: Calgary Environmental Education Tours (CEET)!

You can participate in the selection process by watching this video by the applicant (Calgary Environmental Education Tours) and then voting in the comments section below this blog post (click “view comments” and write yes or not in favour, along with your first name. You are welcome to add comments too). Voting will close at midnight on June 11th.   

Take Action Grants is a community-based funding program supported by The Calgary Foundation and Calgary Dollars. Grants are awarded in both federal dollars and Calgary Dollars to grassroots projects that support and promote social and environmental justice. And YOU, the people in the community, can vote and help decide if the project(s) should be supported!
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8 Comments on "Vote on TAG: Calgary Environmental Education Tours (CEET)!"

  • Lynn says

    YES, YES, YES!

  • I agree – yes!

  • Claire says

    I say yes!

  • Lee says


  • Anonymous says


    Yes, absolutely.

  • Gerardo Marquez says


  • Anonymous says

    Yes. Richard

  • Anonymous says

    You betcha (yes)