5 Reasons to Join C$

5 Reasons to the Join 
The Calgary Dollars Community! 

1.  Make Money 
 When you’re part of Calgary Dollars, you can sell your 
 goods or services in a new network for new possibilities. 

2.  Keep your Money Local 
 Instead of moving your money to large corporations out of 
 town, keep it with small local growing businesses. 

3.  Support your Community 
 Help your neighbour by supporting his or her business. 

4.  Help the Environment 
 When it’s local, it reduces carbon emissions of products 
 getting here and there.  

5.  Meet Someone New 
 Join an expanding network of people 
 wanting to make a difference. 

Sign Up to be part of the 
Make money right away – 
You receive C$20 just for signing up! 

5 Reasons:
(and many more!)


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