Erin’s DVD pick week of may 16

With the arrival of spring comes spring cleaning, the removal of clutter from our garages, yards and homes. It seems like over the winter, many things have entered the home and nothing left, and now is the time that many people re-evaluate the items in their environment. That old appliance that was replaced last Christmas but still holds a place in the kitchen or the old coach that crowds up the basement. In the post WW2 world North Americans where encouraged to throw “old” things away in the name of saving time, sanitation or status getting things second hand or recycling has been tossed aside in favour of a commercialized garbage disposal system where that old appliance is buried as cheap as possible in a land fill. People are encouraged that buying constantly buying newer and better items is the best way to show off the all important status of wealth. And with this unprecedented purchasing frenzy comes unimaginable amounts of garbage. The predominant method of disposal has been the “land fill” where heaps of garbage are hidden-away under soil, to be dealt with by future generations. But what happens when we run out or fill up the earths land-mass with garbage. “Trashed” examines the garbage culture in America and industry the profits from it. Many people don’t often think about what happens to the daily 5lbs of garbage the average person creates daily according to the film. They don’t think about where it goes or how it is disposed of as long as it’s gone off their curb. This films also examines the practices of what it describes as one of the fastest growing industries in the United States and how we os society define waste. This film is available at the Arusha library to borrow for free by members. For more information about Calgary’s waste management visit
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