Erin Jack’s DVD picks: week of may 7 2012

 With the arrival of spring many Calgarians will be taking advantage of the warm weather to spruce of their lawns and gardens. This early ritual of renewal is in grained in modern lifestyle and a green lush lawn/ garden is often accosted with a person success in life. To clear the air I am not immune to this frenzy, I anticipate the yearly opening of lawn and garden centers like people anticipate the latest Apple product. Maybe it’s the short Canadian growing season or the commercialized ideal of green lawns and white picket fences that dominates the suburban dream still today. But in our egresses for perfection North American’s have been lulled into believing that a plethora of man made chemicals are the answer to creating the perfect lawn. But what are the long term consequences of this route to perfection, how do these products affect the health of people and the environment. We are killing unwanted lawn invaders but are we also harming ourselves and non-intended victims of man-made and often petroleum based chemicals in the name of vanity. Chemical Reaction: The story of a true green revolution and Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring are DVD’s available at the Arusha library that look at this topic. Chemical Reaction looks at the town of Hudson Quebec and the fight by community members to have cosmetic pesticides banned that has inspired communities across Canada and the United States to have these dangerous chemicals banned.Rachel Carson’s silent spring is part of the American Experience series and profiles her life and fight against the wide spread over use of pesticides across america which led to massive bird and insect deaths. Her 1962 book“Silent Spring” caused a firestorm when it exposed the harmful effects of pesticides such as DDT on the animal population and the environment. Not only did the landmark effort remake national policy, it helped launch environmental activism around the world. Both of these DVD’s are avialabe for sign out at the Arusha library.

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