Sacred Commerce is the acknowledgement of others, as whole human beings and people, is the highest investment. It is creating money as an exchange of goods, services and communication as a sacred opportunity.

What does authentic business communications look like? 
What if personal empowerment and awakening was the context at your workplace? 
What if management meant being accountable for the individual emergence of one’s staff as well as the well being of one’s company? 
What if the mission of your business was to usher in a sustainable, spiritually fulfilling society?
Join us on this 2-day exploration of awakening within business and the interconnectedness of Self.
Sacred Commerce trained facilitators Erin Ross and Yebuny Johnson will be your guides.
Hear their stories, their experiences and co-create your own!
2-Day Workshop Payment Options:
Student and Pay What You Can spaces available for a limited time
$222 – $249 sliding scale
Company teams of 4 or more please call for special pricing
Calgary, AB
Intro Evening – Apr 26, 2012
2 Day Workshop – Apr 28-29, 2012
Glenmore Canoe Club
Edmonton, AB
Intro Evening – May 3, 2012
2 Day Workshop – May 5-6, 2012
Delwood Community League
Nelson, BC
Intro Evening – May 10, 2012
2 Day Workshop – May 12-13, 2012
Nelson Chamber of Commerce
Introductory Evening 
Thursday, 6:30pm – 9:30pm
Be introduced to how you can benefit by bringing the tools of Sacred Commerce into your workplace, community and family.

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