From Old Y to 10 St and back to the Old Y – a brief history

A Brief History of Arusha from 1972 to the Present…
The Arusha Centre is a meeting place for community enthusiasts and activists of all types. The Arusha Centre offers space for meetings, affordable access to event supplies, buttonmaking, stilts and costumes, tents, amplifiers, and printing. The Centre is located on the main floor of the Old Y Building for Community Organizations, an affordable, accessible downtown location for connecting and collaborating.

So how exactly did Arusha begin? Here are the words of Carol Sherwood, Arusha’s first staff person: “We didn’t start in 1972, but a couple of years before that. Our roots go back to read more.
Visit us in the Old Y Centre again in January! We re-open on January 9th!

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