Calgary Dollars News for 2012

Some of you may have already met Mike Unrau, our new Calgary Dollars (C$) Co-ordinator. Pictured here with Melissa the former C$ Market & Online listings Co-ordinator. Mike will be at the first Market of 2012 on January 9th.

Melissa is looking forward to new projects, spending more time with her constantly evolving family and OCCASIONALLY showing up to markets as a participant.

Mike already fits right in with the Arusha workplace personality, you have to have a good sense of humour. As for Melissa you may find her in disguise at the next Market at Bow Cliff Seniors. She’ll be checking out what new things are happening and setting up her own table to earn some of that local currency. How do those Calgary Dollars work again? Find out January 9th 2012 6-8pm at Bow Cliff Seniors 608 Poplar Rd SW. Call Mike at 270-8002 for more info or to book your table.

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