Oil vs. The Achuar People and the Amazon (Lunch and Learn)

Meet Peas Peas Ayui (Elder and President of the National Achuar Federation of Peru) and Staff from Amazon Watch.

Peas Peas has travelled to Calgary as the representative of his people, whose indigenous home land is facing petroleum development by Calgary Based Talisman Energy. The Achuar are opposed to industrial exploitation of their territory. This is their fourth trip to Canada to ask for support and to express their opposition to the activities of Canadian Oil companies within their land. In 2010 the CEO of Talisman signed a memorandum of understanding in which he promised that Talisman would only proceed with exploration in the Achuar lands if they were given approval by the Achaur Nation. Since making this agreement Talisman has moved ahead with an ambitious exploration, development and construction program, despite the clear opposition of the Achaur.

Join us at the Memorial Public Library in room 2 to meet Peas Peas, Gregor MacLennon and Mitchell Anderson. We will be providing a free light lunch and the opportunity for you to meet and talk to some of those working to defend the Sovereignty of the Achaur, protect the Amazon Basin and resist Big Oil’s thirst for profit over people and the earth’s interests.

This event is free, and is being presented through the generous assistance and donations of: Amazon Watch (amazonwatch.org), The Old Y Centre for Community Organisations (www.oldycentre.com), Next Up Calgary (www.nextup.ca), Centre for Global Community (www.calgarycgc.org) and the Arusha Center (www.arusha.org)

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