A canoe racing a bike racing a car through rush hour

Car, Bicycle and Canoe Race Takes Place as part of Crazy Sustainable Commute

Tomorrow, Thursday September 29th will see a morning rush hour race like never before.

Paddlers Trevor McIvor, Instructor at Bow Valley College and Gerald Wheatley, Coordinator of the Bow River Flow Festival will load a bicycle into their canoe and race a bicyclist and a vehicle from 3303 – 3 Ave NW to their offices at Bow Valley College and The Old Y Building, 223 – 12 Ave SW. After paddling to Macleod Trail and Riverfront Ave, Trevor will jog to Bow Valley College and Gerald will ride the bicycle to The Old Y Building, where the Bow River Flow office is located. The vehicle will drive and park legally at Bow Valley College then proceed to The Old Y Building. The first to arrive at The Old Y Building will be declared the winner.

Departure time: 7:30 am

Departure address: 3303 – 3 Ave NW, Extreme Bean Coffee

Which mode of transportation will win this race? Although the vehicle is clearly the fastest, it will be slowed by Calgary’s notorious rush hour traffic jams and hampered by limited access to parking. Cycling the pathways in Calgary is efficient, direct and enjoyable and may be the winner. “Canuting”, paddling a canoe to work, is rare but appropriate on Calgary’s beautiful Bow River and the two experienced paddlers, both year-round cycle commuters, will be giving stiff competition to the bicycle and vehicle.

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  • Make sure to video tape all three modes. This will be very exciting. I think my vote will be for the bike.