Bow Flow Thank You’s

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Bow River Flow yesterday and celebrated people power on the streets! And especially thanks to the volunteers who contributed their ideas, energy, commitment and enthusiasm for this event. From the Olympic athletes, to the local musicians and performers, to the families, seniors and babies who enjoyed what the Bow River Flow has to offer and motivating Calgarians to think differently about their transportation choices and find new ways to celebrate the culture and vibrancy of our downtown core.

Here’s some of the mainstream media 660 News, Calgary Herald.
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2 Comments on "Bow Flow Thank You’s"

  • Anonymous says

    Motivate Calgarians to think differently about their transportation choices??? Sure I’ll bike my kids around during our six months of winter weather or take the LRT to do my family’s weekly grocery shopping. The BowFlow makes no sense whatsoever!!!
    Please respect the wishes of almost of the people of the neighboring communites and put an end to this abysmal event. Even with the beautiful weather, the pitiful attendance this year should tell you what a ridiculous idea this event is.

  • Anonymous says

    Wow, what a waste of time and energy! Not only does this event disrupt one of Calgary’s major traffic arteries, but restricts access to those of us living in the surrounding area as well. When I did decide to see what all the fuss was about, I couldn’t even get a drink or snack because the Arusha people made it ‘commercialism free’ What? Write Alderman Druh, Ward 7 and tell her to put a stop to this social activism group’s waste of my tax dollars.