Sneak-Peak of the Bass Bus Stage at Bow Flow!


Kousk is a musical exploration project celebrating a collective love and respect for music, art and humanity. Classically trained, and a recent graduate in Electornic Music production, her music is organic, experimental and open to all genres, styles, sounds and ideas. It is an adventure through a never-ending landscape of sound. From ethereal dancing flutes to growling pumas to heavy basslines, the possibilities are endless. Experience the journey into the world of Kousk, and experience a new way of listening to sound.

11:00 – 12:00

Cary Chang has be an instigator, supporter and creator in Calgary’s Electronic Music Culture since 1994. DJ, owner of the legendary record store Feroshus, Radio Host, booking Agent, and Co-owner owner of the Club Habitat Living Sound, Cary has done it all. As a DJ Cary plays intelligent, groovy, progressive House, he keeps his attention on the dance floor and always builds energy and excitement with his beats.

12:30 1:45

DJ Fonotek

Bruno Changkye AKA Dj Fonotek is consistently putting out some of the most refreshing sounds around & has the ability to maintain a groove while transitioning over multiple styles/bpms in any given set. Having played with some of the most talented Dj’s in the city, he’s also opened for a wide range of international dj’s, from N-type, Matt the alien, to Bass Nectar. HIs beats runs the gamut from Dubstep to Hiphop, DnB & Wompy Bass Hop, to Rare Groove & Getto funk then back again. All the while being peppered with Bruno’s taylor made turntablism techniques. When he’s not rock’n house parties around the city, you can find him at the “Meet Lounge” fridays playing some of of the best downtempo beats in the city.


DJ Jay Michael

Representing Enig’matik Records & Evolve[-]d Productions, Jay Michael has been melting minds for a decade…. A yearly regular at virtually every major electronic music festival in Canada Jay Michael has carved a reputation for delivering memorable hypnotic journeys through the intelligent realms of techno and progressive psytrance. Freshly signed to Australian label Enig’matik Records Jay Michael has expanded his his musical depth to include the sounds of experimental IDM, glitch and future bass. With a decade of performances under his belt, expect nothing less than a moving, heartfelt, eyes closed journey through the sounds of emotional electronica.

Spoken Word 12:00pm – 12:30pm


Kirk Ramdath is a Trinidad-born Canadian poet who lives and writes in Calgary, Alberta. He has performed extensively in Alberta as well as across Canada. His first major published work is Love in a Handful of Dust, published in 2011 by Frontenac House. Creating spaces for creative expression have always been high priorities for Kirk and he has been at the helm of several projects including Passion Pitch and Wax Poetry and Art Magazine.

Visual Artists 12pm – 3 pm

Live Hybrid Media is an improvised collaborative practice of fine art mark making and live digital design. Painter Shane Haltman and Animator Shaun Friesen’s unique and visionary skill sets meet in the middle as they open ancient and future channels of creativity: organic cave painting flows and nodal visual data clusters. Exploring both the textures of time’s fluidity as well as the circuit-like pathways of meticulous technical development, this feed-backing dialogue is ever searching for seeds in the void of the unknown to instantly flower into full harmonic beauty. Mahaloness

Shane Haltman
“Simply put I am on an art exploration, art being a way to document the pulse of the moment, tapping the creative spirit, staying in tune with its ebb and flow, and sharing that where ever I go. Lately I have been working with video visionary artist Shaun Friesen, kind of a analog to digital approach, old meets new, and the plane between the two, a moment that comes and goes. The process takes the act of painting and puts it into a digital document that portrays the flux, or movement of energy, in this case channeled through artistic, creative practice. This potentially could brings us closer to understanding flow, how to channel energy in ways that are beneficial and healthy to our existence, creating balance in our lives, and rediscovering our Authenticity, creating our own expression, what an idea!”

Shaun Friesen

Existing somewhere between a digital yogi and Dr. Frankenstein at work, Shaun Friesen encourages your imaginal cells to come alive with his bio-mimetic technology infused organic geometric drawing practice. A new media production artist, VJ, and award winning animator, Shaun has most recently performed visuals at ‘Shambhala 2011’, ‘Inshala 4’, and ‘Bloom 2’, crafting visual narratives to amp the dance floor engine and invoke mid-step moments of satori. Shaun has a fine art degree in digital technology (with distinction) and has designed media support campaigns for epic visionary pillars, including Alex Grey, Deepak Chopra, Douglas Rushkoff, and Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir.Bold

Performance Artists 1 pm

Belly Dance:

At the Hip is a newly formed, modern, cabaret style bellydance troupe led by Creative Director, Tayri. Tayri has been bellydancing within the Calgary community for well over eight years and has a preference for performing at those events which are somewhat avant-garde. Although new to the scene, At the Hip has been showcased at various outdoor festivals this year, and was a feature performer at the Kit and Kaboodle Circus. At the Hip is very proud to once again be part of the Bow River Flow.

The BassBus

BassBus is a community of artists, artisans, and like-minded people that are actively working to develop a beacon of familiarity inside the Calgary arts community. What we are first and foremost is a mobile art platform; A bus designed as a mobile venue for the promotion of all art, to foster an open and welcoming environment where people are comfortable sharing artistic expressions for the betterment of our communities. Meet us and experience the visionary art that enfolds our Bus, lounge in our hand crafted rustic interior and join in the artistic fusion of art, performance, music and community that is the BassBus.

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