July – Take Action Grants – Vote til noon tomorrow

Presenting the TAG application for July, 2011: Stitching Justice

TAG application for funds to support a community consultation for women to increase awareness for marginalized women and increase diversity. Funds would go toward event management, equipment rentals, venue rentals, publicity and marketing as well as transit subsidy. Requesting C$1,000 & CDN$1,000.

Please watch this 2 minute video from an applicant who has a project that requires funding in Calgary Dollars and federal dollars.

You can participate in Take Action Grant review. How would this grant make a difference? Is this a concrete, clear project? Has the applicant worked for a long time on this issue? How would other community work be promoted by this project?

You can then vote yes, not in favour, and/or add comments in the blog along with your name.
Voting is open from noon to midnight today.
Results will be posted tomorrow.

Take Action Grants are reviewed on a monthly basis and are funded by The Calgary Foundation and Calgary Dollars.

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6 Comments on "July – Take Action Grants – Vote til noon tomorrow"

  • Anonymous says

    I say yes.

  • trasie says

    Sounds like a great project, and totally needed in Calgary, so YES!

  • Sharon says

    Votes are also coming in on facebook and youtube. Thank you

  • Yes from me!

  • Yes, I”m all for it!
    plompcoffee 55 minutes ago

    Yes, I support and encourage this project.
    liliane3able 13 hours ago

    Yes, please.
    GrantNeufeld 19 hours ago

  • Sierra says

    Absolute yes! (sorry for the late reply!)