Bow River Flow Funding Drive Begins!

Today we kick off our Bow River Flow Funding Drive! Our goal is $5,000 between now and the August 21 event. A GIGANTIC thank you to those who have already donated! Every cent counts.

Your donation will contribute to programming, artist fees, and musician honorariums. Help support and grow Calgary’s celebration of human-powered transportation. Click here to access our fundraising page.

The Bow River Flow is Calgary’s version of an event which emerged in the 1970s in Bogota, Columbia: Ciclovia. Roads are re-purposed during under-utilized periods for biking, walking, and family festivities. Similar events have emerged in cities all over the world, from Winnipeg, to New York, to Melbourne. Examples of some of these events can be seen in this video. According to the Project for Public Spaces out of New York City, 46 such events now exist in Canada and the United States alone.

Mia Birk, cycling advocate and former City of Portland Bicycle Program Manager, recently visited Calgary. Among her suggestions for how Calgary can transition into a world-class cycling city was the need for large car-free events like ciclovias. You can read more here.

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