Vote on the Take Action Grant today!

Presenting the TAG application for April, 2011: Cyclepalooza

Please watch this short video (below) from an applicant who has a project that requires funding in Calgary Dollars and federal dollars.

You can participate in Take Action Grant review. How would this grant make a difference? Is this a concrete, clear project? Has the applicant worked for a long time on this issue? How would other community work be promoted by this project?

You can then vote yes, not in favour, or add comments in the blog along with your name.

Voting is open from noon to midnight today.

Results will be posted tomorrow.

Take Action Grants are reviewed on a monthly basis and are funded by The Calgary Foundation and Calgary Dollars.

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23 Comments on "Vote on the Take Action Grant today!"

  • Absolutely awesome project! Would be great to create the kind of culture we want to see here in Calgary! I vote YES.

  • Anonymous says

    Yes yes yes!!

  • Kristin Marquardt says

    Many groups working together towards a more livable city – YES!

  • Tanfoe says

    I vote YES! This festival would be a fun and informative event to attend. I hope it gets the needed funding to run.

  • Mike says


  • Anonymous says

    Yes, by all means. This is what Calgary needs.

  • Anonymous says

    Awesome – Love this idea. YES! (: Can’t wait to participate…

    Stephanie Foran

  • Anonymous says


  • Laura says

    I vote YES! Cyclepalooza will be an amazing Calgary event!

    Laura aka Calgary Bike Swap

  • Huston says

    So excited! I’m getting my pedal jumpers on!

  • Anonymous says

    Yes please

  • We think this is an exciting idea. We especially like the “open-source” concept, supporting folks to organize their own events. The week that the organization has chosen is also Aboriginal awareness week in Calgary, and if the event is confirmed, we’d definitely consider hosting a cross cultural focused Cyclepalooza event.

    (amanda for RIS)

  • cool!

  • Market Collective says

    Ah yes, they would be a sweet recipient for the grant!

  • Angel Guerra says

    10 days of bike in Calgary would be fantastic. I vote YES!

  • Yes. Calgary needs more of this type of event.

  • dana says

    i vote yes!

  • Kathryn says

    [YES] Ten days of bike fun can only be a good thing for Calgary. This idea could definitely use a little extra $$.

  • Anonymous says

    Excellent idea

  • Anonymous says

    Sounds very similar to Bow Flow events and with the same market. Consider using more social media and free advertising rather than tons of print media

  • Anonymous says

    Yes, this event should be supported.

  • jonny says


    This is a great way to grow the larger community while bringing various communities together. This seems like a concrete, clear project and the applicants have been involved in this community for a long time. Because so many groups are contributing and have been invited to do so, there’s huge return in the short run as well as the potential for countless relationship and scheme-building opportunities.

  • Yes!