Vote on Take Action Grant Application Today!

Presenting the TAG application for March, 2011: Queertopia

Please watch this short video (below) from an applicant who has a project that requires funding in Calgary Dollars and federal dollars.

You can participate in Take Action Grant review. How would this grant make a difference? Is this a concrete, clear project? Has the applicant worked for a long time on this issue? How would other community work be promoted by this project?

You can then vote yes or not in favour, in the blog comments including your name. You are welcome to add comments along with your name.

Voting is open from noon to midnight on Monday March 14, 2011.

Results will be posted Tuesday March 15.

Take Action Grants are reviewed on a monthly basis and are funded by The Calgary Foundation and Calgary Dollars.

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15 Comments on "Vote on Take Action Grant Application Today!"

  • Sharon says

    Please vote in this comment section. Yes or not in favour, add comments and your name.

  • Anonymous says

    Looks good – yes from me, wish I could be there tonight! Kirti

  • Anonymous says

    A big yes from me.

    I think this project is excellent – I’d be interested in getting involved if I could.

    Stephanie F

  • Anonymous says

    An excellent project. Yes.

    Mike C

  • Anonymous says

    Awesome project!! YES!! – Lisa P.

  • Anonymous says

    yes! I enjoyed the presenter and feel confident in the abilities and intent of the project based on my impression. It is so valuable to take your own personal experiences and make things better for many others. Good luck to them, hope it is a great success. -Mic

  • Ian says

    I vote Yes for funding,

  • Anonymous says

    Thank you so much for making this voting system possible. I will contact you today – in order for you to send a message to a travelling Calgarian youth who may wish to vote in this as well. Appreciation for making this on-line voting possible in order to participate, as someone taking a sabatical from Calgary – while still being very involved. As someone who has always advocated for freedom in one’s own identity – with Love and compassion – I have, as a straight person been very violated as an individual, both by family as well as religious institutes – when living my life as equitably as possible. Superior complexes with respect to any people group is inappropriate and does not generate peace. I see all people – of whichever lifestyle they choose – as whole people – each of us is on our own healing path – together. <3 I vote a big YES to this. Gracious! (You know me - have to write a mini 'positive' rant.) LOve to all - Vi Gerbrandt

  • Huston says

    Congrats Queertopia on your presentation and an electronic process for the many Calgarians who are not able to attend the potluck tonight.

    Would love to learn more about the project via weblinks and the impact of the workshop! Can’t wait for the update and good luck tonight.

  • Anonymous says

    I vote YES to Queertopia! Can’t wait to see this project happen!

    I like the video proposal format, and since I can’t make it to the potluck I’m so happy I can vote online.


  • Yes!

  • Anonymous says

    Im not sure if my last post worked…

    I vote YES to QUEERTOPIA.

    Sorry I couldn’t attend tonight…
    Corianne Jenner

  • Snap says

    Absolute Yes! – Sierra Love

  • Anonymous says


  • Sharon says

    The voting is closed and based on last nights paper votes at the C$ Market and the online poll the applicants were successful in their request for a TAG.
    Thank you