What did you buy with your Calgary Dollars recently?

Send us your Calgary Dollars story or bring it in writing to Monday’s Market at Bow Cliff and you will be entered into a draw for an awesome prize of Calgary Dollars Cash or a Gift Certificate from a participating Calgary Dollars business. Below is a great example, However you must attend the market to win!

Dear Calgary Dollars team,

Just to let you know with my accumulation of Calgary Dollars this past little while I was able to save up $90 Calgary dollars. I used this towards paying for the cost of labour for building my
fence last spring. These Calgary Dollars covered just about 1/3 of the cost of labour. Thank you so much for this project, without it I may not have been able to afford the complete cost of building my fence.

I am now out of Calgary Dollars, but will have to look at accumulating
some more in the near future.

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2 Comments on "What did you buy with your Calgary Dollars recently?"

  • We’ve linked to your post on our new Bow Cliff Seniors blog (http://bowcliff.wordpress.com) and are looking forward to Monday’s Marketplace!

  • Ian says

    for myself, I enjoy holding onto my Calgary dollars, though recently thanks to the poster collective I was given a couple more for all my hard work. now I have a $50 in Calgary dollars and would rather frame it than spend it. ( its very pretty) Though that would somewhat defeat the reason behind the Calgary dollar.

    Thanks so much to the Calgary Dollar Team.