Calgary Dollars is Celebrating a New Partnership and a New Location!

We have partnered with the Bow Cliff Seniors Centre to bring the C$ Market to a new community. Beginning in January the Market will no longer be held in Hillhurst-Sunnyside. Instead the C$ Markets will be held at Bow Cliff Seniors Centre on the second Monday of every month from 6-8 pm.

We’ve been holding the C$ Market in Hillhurst-Sunnyside for 10 years now and HSCA has been good to us. We’ve grown and flourished in that community and now it’s time to take C$ to a new community and take on new challenges.

The staff at the Centre are working with us to make the new Market location a success – we had over 60 people turn out for our inaugural Bow Cliff C$ Market!

The official launch of the new partnership will be at the Bow Cliff C$ Holiday Market on December 13, 6 pm – 608 Poplar Rd. SW.

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