Bow River Flow Turns Memorial Drive into a Green Mile

In addition to the live music, fitness and procession, The Bow River Flow hosted a Mayoral Candidates alternative transportation parade. (l-r) Naheed Nenshi, Bob Hawkesworth, Paul Hughes, Kent Hehr, and Craig Burrows

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  • Anonymous says

    Not necessarily who I’ll vote for; but of the 5 there, my order of preference is:

    1.) Paul Hughes: grounded and honest, committed to open governance and has first hand experience with dealing with the city bureaucracy. But does he have the political experience (and the “killer instinct”) to get the job done?

    2.) Craig Burrows: seems like a nice guy, but does he have the chops for the job? And what about that course he took and charged to the taxpayer?

    3.) Kent Hehr: Again, seems like a nice guy; says he is committed to getting silly hall’s financial house in order. But can we trust a Liberal?!?

    4.) Bob Hawkesworth: Well, at least he is not Naheed Nenshi …

    5.) Naheed Nenshi: If he’s speaking to you, you’ve been done wrong by and he’ll tax/punish thosee ‘bourgeois oppressors’ to your benefit. Unfortunately, if he is talking to someone else, you, are now part of those that should be punished… Like most Marxist “intellectuals” he seems to think that the rules only apply to the little people, not to him; and he is not afraid to spread misleading information about his opponents policies, positions, and/or what’s on their websites.