Transportation & Housing Research Presentation

Researcher Peter Schryvers of the University of Calgary Faculty of Environmental Design – with a little help from Arusha – has completed a comprehensive masters’s degree project entitled “Automobile Dependence and the City: Travel Behaviour and Housing Choice in Calgary”.

With a grant from the Alberta Real Estate Foundation and a research bursary from Mountain Equipment Co-op, Arusha was able to collaborate with Peter on his research and contribute to a focus on low income families and Greater Forest Lawn communities. The collaboration was part of Arusha’s Greater Forest Lawn (GFL) Community Carsharing Project.

Peter’s research examined connections between housing location and travel behaviour through a qualitative research methodology termed grounded theory. His approach is innovative as it looks at both “the decisions households make with regards to daily travel behaviour AND the choice of where to live”, and the relationships between these two areas of focus. His recommendations have implications for housing, transportation and land use policies.

On Monday April 26th, Peter presented his thesis at the Arusha Centre to the staff collective, GFL Community Carsharing funders and stakeholders, and the media. If you are interested in learning more about this issue contact Arusha.

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